MAURIER, Daphne du; Rebecca; Macmillan Heinemann ELT; Macmillan collection.

Personally I love this book. It’s a very interesting one because at the beginning the plot is very simple: a girl falls in love with an older man who has been married with a woman who died a year ago. They are very happy and live peacefully. But while you’re reading it you see that the story changes 360º. You discover that Rebecca (the woman who died) didn’t die; she was killed by her supposed lovely husband. This book has a lot of description. At the beginning you can think it’s a love story but as well it’s a horror story because it talks about dead and murder. The way that the narrator explains the story is a very simple way with a lot of details. In every page it shows the love she feels for Maxim. Also it can seem that Maxim doesn’t love her but at the end he decides to tell her all the truth because he wants to be with her, to have a peaceful life together with nobody disturbing their lives. I recommend this book to people who like stories, exactly love stories which are also mysteries ones.

Alexandra Turcanu, 1st BTX

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Mrs Reichardt ha dit...

If you enjoyed with Daphne du Marier, you're a luck reader because she has got many novels and the most of them are mysterious with murders. If you want, you could read My Cousin Rachel.