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Vodoo Island

DUCKWORTH, Michael: Vodoo Island.  Oxford University Press, 1989

James Conway goes to Haiti for business, he builds houses and shops. He wants to build shops and one hotel in the graveyard of the village of Bussy. Kee, an old man from Bussy, doesn't allow him to do it. James Conway doesn't pay him any attention, and this will be his biggest mistake.

Kee is an old man very kind and friendly. He is a houngan, so do not make him angry!

I liked the book because it's real and I like the story.

Imelda Castañón, 1st B

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George Sees Stars

COUPER, Dave, George Sees Stars, Story Lines, Oxford, 1996.

This book is a comedy... 
There is a hotel where George ( the manager of happy Holiday Hotel.) Judy ( the cook of the hotel.) Peter ( the gardener.) And Mary ( she's George's secretary.) are there. 
One day a person called George, he is Tony Madoc, he was presenter of the TV star . He is a star of the TV programme. George was very excited and invited the star to his hotel.  

I liked the book beacuse George is very naughty and because the book is a comedy.

Brenda Zapata, 1st D

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Bonnie and Clyde

Priest, Dorothy: Bonnie and Clyde. Richmond, 2004

There are two famous thiefs called Bonnie and Clyde. They rob together all the banks in Tennessee but they were very young then, they went to Chicago because they wanted to rob a big bank.The president of America is angry. Finally, the police caught Bonnie and Clyde.

Bonnie is a young lady, she is very exciting because she robs banks and she drives the cars quickly.

Judit Rodríguez, 1st B

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Danger at Shark Rock

FRANCIS, Pauline: Danger at Shark Rock. Burlington Books, 2001

Jenny is a girl and is 15 years old. She thinks that she's going to France on holiday, at the end she don't go to France she go to Kirk island with her grandpather.

One day met Alex the boy that painted McDonald's boat. 
At night 2 ships collided in the dark rock and Alex thought that Helen wanted to throg uranium in the sea.

Randa El Ghalbzouri, 1st C

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Countdown to Midnight

LAIDLAW, Caroline: Countdown To Midnight. Heineman. New Wave. Oxford 1988.

Eloi Lara, 1st D:

Joe Carter is my favourite character because he is a hard worker, adventorous and never surrender.

I liked the book because is a mysteri and adventure book.

Jordi Sedano, 1st A:

Joe Carter is young and tall, he has got fair hair. He's athletic and friendly.

I liked the book because Joe Carter rescued to his father.

Judit Ruiz, 1st C:

I liked  the book because its very funny and I learnt new words.

Maria El Maiomouni, 1st D:

My favourite character is Bob. Bob has got brown hair, he is big and very adventurer because also is very inteligent, and he has got many friends.

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Twenty-Thousand Leages Under the Sea

VERNE, Jules: Twenty-Thousand Lea
ges Under the Sea. Pearson Education Limited. Penguin Readers. 2005.        

The story is about Captain Nemo and his famous submarine, the  Nautilius. One day, Captain Nemo was looking for the giant whale. They found a town under the sea. Nemo scaped of Nautilius alive.             

I liked the book because I like the whales and I like the sea.       

Ivan Contreras, 1st B

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The Mysterious Circles

Neiger, NICHOLAS: The Mysterious Circles. Burlington Books. Cyprus, 2003.

Nick and his brother Danny live in Cornridge. In the school Dany does ridiculy  things because he belives in aliens. Nick and Jo created a circle in a Farmer Brown's field. Danny called the reporters and finally people believed on them.

I liked the book because it is an interesting book and Nick helped his brother very much.

Aniana Pratsevall, 1st C

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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

TWAIN, Mark: The Adventures of Tow Sawyer Burlington Books.

Tow Sawyer is a very bad boy. He lives with Polly and her grandmother. He likes girls. He is always in trouble and costantly trying to avoid and school and friends had. He is a child who lives alone in a tree. The adventure finishes when he escaped at night.

I liked book because it´s a book about an adventure and I really like adventure books.

Marta Ruíz, 1st C

Tom is my favourite character because he is very adventurous and I like his way of living.

A boy called Tom, is very fond of adventure, but he doesen't like the school. A day in a cementiry he was a friend and there was a killer. The killers spoke about a treasure and Tom heard then.

I liked the book because the story is one my favourite types of stories and I really like the stories of Tom Sawyer.

Laura Flores, 1st D

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The Indian in the Cupboard

REID, lYNNE: The Indian in the Cupboard. Burlington Books. Limassol, 2011

Omri has got a magical cupboard and it becomes a toy real. First the toy is an Indian, he is Little Bull. Afterwords he's a cowboy. He is Boone and more and more toys. At the end they become to toys again.

I liked this book  because it is a fantastic adventure and it's magical.

Alejandra Torrecilla, 1st A

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FOSTER, Mark: Orca, Oxford University, 2004 Starters

They are children who have got a boat and see whales. After the boat breaks and the orca killer will help them bringing to a solitary island and thanks to the killer they can get to their house.
I like the book because I like adventure.

Ana Ruiz, 1st A

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The Body in the Beach

HANNAM, Joyce: The Body in the Beach. Oxford University Press,1994

There's a body in the beach. He's Spiros. He is dead. Alex found his body in the beach. The policeman said that it was a murdered. Alex, the star character of the story, has to go to the dead's home to collect some clues for finding out who killed Spiros.

I liked the book because there is a lot of mystery and tragedy.

Aina Mariages, 1st A