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Cathy's Dreams

HART, Julie: Cathy's Dream. Burlington Books.2007. 841-A1

Cathy Harris lives in Cornwall. (England). Her parents adopted her from an orphanage in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Fourteen years old she began to hald strange dreams. One day in the school, learned about genetics and identical twins and Cathy thought can have a twin sister. Your mum and she travelled orphanage of Sri Lanka. Finally after several adventures, discovered has got a twin sister. They have got different parents, but see holiday summer and everyday send e-mails.
They are happy!!!!

Anna Gómez, 1st C

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Mr Harris and the Night Train

FURR, Mark: Stories for Reading Circles. Bookworms Club BRONZE. Oxford University Press, 2007

BASSET, Jennifer: Mr Harris and the Night Train

In the story Mr Harris travels by train to go to Oulu in Finland. In his carriage two people came in. Mr Harris looks Elena and Carl arguing about a diamond necklace. Elena di Saronelli is a young woman. She is the little sister of Carl. She has dark eyes and black hair. She is very beautiful. She was half-Italian, half-Finnish. Elena killed Carl and Mr Harris ran the corridor to go to the guard. The guard tells the story of Elena di Saronelli and Carl. The guard tells in September the ghosts of Elena and Carl come on the train.

I liked the book because it's fantasy and horror. It's very interesting. Also because the story happens in the train. I recommend this book because the vocabulary is not difficult. I liked it!

Gerard Castañón, 1st B