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Mr Harris and the Night Train

Furr, Mark [ed.]:Stories for Reading Circles. Bookworms Club Bronze. Oxford University Press, 2007

BASSET, Jennifer:Mr Harris and the Night Train


Mr Harris enjoys travelling by train. He has on a might train to Oulu and he had ten hours to arrive. First there aren't nobody in the train. But in Otaba station two people come in. They're called Carl and Elena. Carl wanted the Elena's diamonds. They have a discussion and finally Elena kills Carl. Mr Harris runs to say to guard. The guard says ' they are dead. He's afraid because he sa ghosts. And never goes journey by train.

Berta Arcos, 1st D

It's a story about a man that takes the train for going to Finland. But there he sees a sister killing her brother. The man goes quickly to tell at the guard but the guard explains that they are ghosts because they died eighty years ago.

Jade Lam, 1st D


I liked the book because it's an interesting and talk about ghosts.

Raúl Luque, 1st C

I didn't like the book because there is a sister that kills her brother for money, it is a selfish history, and Mr Harris is surprised.

Judith Ascanio, 1st A

I liked the book because it is very interesting and mysterious because Mr Harris sees killing Carl.

Pau Robert, 1st A
I liked the book because it's an interesting story. My favourite part is when Elena kills Carl. It was terrible but I liked it.

Berta Arcos, 1st D

I like the book because it's very mysterious and first I never thought that finish like this.

Jade Lam, 1st D


Mr Harris

He is quiet, small , and he likes reading books and the newspaper. He is my favourite character.

Ivan Rodríguez, 1st A

Mr Harris is my favourite character because he is very fun and he likes reading books than me.

Pau Robert, 1st A

He is quiet and the likes reading, in he doesn't like bus and aeroplanes and does the journey by train. He is 50 years old and he is a little man.

Jose Carbó, 1st A