The New York Trilogy “City of Glass”

AUSTER Paul: The New York Trilogy "City of Glass". Penguin Books.
For me, it is one of the best books I’ve ever read, even in English or in Spanish. It’s a book that breaks with all the topics. It’s a mystery, detective and a little tragic book, but at the same time it’s not. It’s adorable to read a book where the same character is two different characters at the same time, but at the end of the book, they split themselves and do two very different characters between one and each other.
It’s amazing how the writer can express himself perfectly and attract the reader to the book in this way.
It’s not a very easy writing for me, because there were some words so difficult, but through the context they could perfectly be understood, well the majority of them, others I have had to look for them in the dictionary.
I think this way to write a book it so intelligent, because it’s not a common way to write, but at the same time it’s a very commercial way and so attractive for the public. And in relation to this story, I’d say it is a very interesting one, and I’ve completely enjoyed it, it’s for that reason, that I’ve started the second part of the book, and I hope to finish it soon.

Marc Romero, 1st BTX

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Mrs Reichardt ha dit...

Many years ago I watched the film New York Trilogy and I loved it. I didn't know Paul Auster in that moment but now I've read all his novels. I read most of them in Spanish but I read Man in the Dark in English and I enjoyed a lot with it. I haven't read his last book yet, but my favourite one is The Moon's Palace. I recommend it to you!