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A Melody of Truth

CHRISTIE, Evelyn: A Melody of Truth. Burlington Books. Burlington Readers. 841-B1

I liked this book because I identify myself with Diana, with her doubts about the studies, and also doubts about Roger, about love.

I loved reading this book because, as I said before, I feel very identified with the protagonist of the story.

This time I chose the book well. I found it easy to read, very enjoyable and entertaining. This type of story is ideal for a teenager who has doubts about studies like me.

Now, I’ll speak of story. I think that Diana has a little personality because she decides to do what their parents want her to do. I was surprised by the attitude of Diana's father when she decides to quit medicine and study music. He was a bad father when he was angry with her for deciding to study something that she liked.

To conclude, I like this book and while I was reading it, I disconnected from the routine.

Míriam Artime, 1st A BTX

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The Jungle Book

KIPLING, Rudyard: The Jungle Book. Black Cat. 841 - A1
Mowgly arrived to the jungle when he was a baby. Father and Mother Wolf keeps him only a short time. Shere Khan wants to hurt Mowgli, and Baloo and Bangheera keeps Mowgly and teach him the Law of the Jungle. Mowgly went to live to the village for three months. Finally, Mowgly kills Shere Khan and they are happy in the jungle.

Facundo Cacace, 1st B