Twenty-Thousand Leages Under the Sea

VERNE, Jules: Twenty-Thousand Lea
ges Under the Sea. Pearson Education Limited. Penguin Readers. 2005.        

The story is about Captain Nemo and his famous submarine, the  Nautilius. One day, Captain Nemo was looking for the giant whale. They found a town under the sea. Nemo scaped of Nautilius alive.             

I liked the book because I like the whales and I like the sea.       

Ivan Contreras, 1st B

2 comentaris:

Suemy Lam 1st D ha dit...

This book looks very interesting. I would like to read it.

Aniana Pratsevall Movilla ha dit...

I think I would like this book, because I always liked the sea, and it would be nice summary Read a book on Nautilius.