The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

TWAIN, Mark: The Adventures of Tow Sawyer Burlington Books.

Tow Sawyer is a very bad boy. He lives with Polly and her grandmother. He likes girls. He is always in trouble and costantly trying to avoid and school and friends had. He is a child who lives alone in a tree. The adventure finishes when he escaped at night.

I liked book because it´s a book about an adventure and I really like adventure books.

Marta Ruíz, 1st C

Tom is my favourite character because he is very adventurous and I like his way of living.

A boy called Tom, is very fond of adventure, but he doesen't like the school. A day in a cementiry he was a friend and there was a killer. The killers spoke about a treasure and Tom heard then.

I liked the book because the story is one my favourite types of stories and I really like the stories of Tom Sawyer.

Laura Flores, 1st D

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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer book is a happy book and adventure book.
i like the book.

ivan contreras 1rB ha dit...

Tom Sayer is my favourite book because is funny.

Imelda Castañón ha dit...

I like the story of this book, looks interesting.

Brenda ha dit...

I liked the book because it is funny

Anna Montero ha dit... ha dit...

I'd like to read book.

cesc trull ha dit...