Love or Money?

AKINYEMI, Rowena: Love or Money? Oxford Bookworms Library. Oxford University Press. Oxford, 1981. 841-A1

First, in the Clarckson's house Jackie lives with her mother, Molly. Albert, her uncle; Roger, her brother; and Diane, her sister, visited the house, and all the family argued about their mother's money. The next morning Molly died, the police researched about who killed the mother. All the family wanted to kill the mother because she killed his father, she doesn't want to give the money and she doesn't love them. Her daughter Jackie, killed Molly, because she loves Tom, the gardener, but her mother do not want Tom in her family. When Jackie killed this, she goes to the prison and Roger, Diane and Albert are rich.

This book is very interesting and mysterious, because nobody knows who is the murderer, and explains one important thing: the love, and when someone kill for the all impossible love.
I recommend this book to the people who likes books about mystery and tragedy, because this book is about this.

Judith Ascanio, 1st A