Just Like a Movie

Leather, Sue: Just like a Movie. Cambridge English Readers, level1. Cambridge University Press, 2000. 841-A1

Brad likes the movies. He met Gina in October four years ago. Brad wants more money. Gina said "money is not important". we're poor, but we're are happy. One day Brad meets Carrie in her house. He invited Carrie to go out to dinner with her. But he doesn't like Carrie, he loves Gina, but he needs Carries' money. Carrie wants to pay Brad. Brad wants to kill Carrie and keeps her money. He saw in a movie that a man wanted to kill his girlfriend to get her money. Two days later Carrie disappears. Brad puts Carries' pen near the water and the next day police call him. The police said "someone found your wife's pen near the lake". The police things that she is dead and the Carries' money is for Mr Black. And Mr Black was a rich man. Brad went to Paris by plane and when he arrived, he sees a girl walking and this girl is Carrie. The police puts Brad in prison.

I like the first part when Brad explains who is him and what does he like.

Berta Arcos, 1st D