Andrew, Jane, the Parson and the Fox

FURR, Mark: Stories for Reading Circles. Bookworms Club BRONZE. Oxford University Press, 2007

HARDY, Thomas: Andrew, Jane, the Parson and the Fox

Andrew and Jane wanted to be married. But Andrew was very very drunk and the parson didn't want to marry them.
The priest decided to give them an opportunity and locked them in a room until Andrew wasn't drunk.
But the parson went hunting with a friend and he forgot them in the room. After he hunted a fox.
The parson remembered Jane and Andrew and he run to the room, he was happy because he found Jane and Andrew and he married them. They were very happy!!

Claudia Allmang, 2nd B ESO

2 comentaris:

Gerard Castañón, 2nd B ESO ha dit...

This story is very difficult because this language is very strange. In the half story I had problems with the vocabulary when Thomas Hardy inserted the character of the fox I felt lost.

Club de Lectura IES S'Agulla ha dit...

I didn't like the book because it's not the type of story that I like.