Sister Love

FURR, Mark: Stories for Reading Circles. Bookworms Club BRONZE. Oxford University Press, 2007

ESCOTT, John: Sister Love

The story is about two opposite sisters. They lived with their father. When Marcia ( a sister), has gota boyfriend (Howard), Karin (the second sister) stole her boyfriend, but Marcia didn't know it. When Marcia discovered the Karen's relation, Marcia pushed karen, and she slipped and fell down the wall, and hit in the ground, because in her hands had suntan oil ( and did she die?)

I like the story because when it finishes, Karen fell down. Also I like the story because in the class I read the dialogue of Karen, and it was funny.

Mònica Ferré, 1st A

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Brian Caparrós, 1st B ha dit...

I like this story because it's the typical story about two girls and one boy.