The Canterville Ghost

WILDE, Oscar: The Canterville Ghost. Oxford University. Oxford Bookworms, 2. Oxford, 2004 . 841/A1-A2

The story is about a family who moves to a house which is haunted and there is a ghost but this ghost is not scary, so children laugh doing ambushes and giving shocks it.

I liked the book because the story is based on children who disturb ghosts and so children are not afraid of ghosts.

The book is rather childish but to learn English is good because there are many words to learn. I recommend this book to learn more. Although the story is quite simple, from the beginning until the end is very entertaining.

Jordi Requena, 2nd A ESO

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Mònica Ferré, 2nd A ESO, 2011 ha dit...

I liked the book because I really like the horror and fantasy stories, and also the ghosts, because this ghost is very special.

Facundo Cacace, 2nd B ESO 2010-2011 ha dit...

The Otis family bought the house and they dindn't believe
in ghosts. They weren't frightened. The ghost tried to
scare the family but the twins made tricks to him and
he couldn't frighten them. He told Virginia why he was
alive and he wanted to dead. Virginia helped him and
she took a box of jewels from the ghost who told
her a secret never mentioned.

Gerard Castañón, 2nd B ESO 2010-2011 ha dit...

I liked the book because it is long, of mystery, tragedy and ghosts. Also it was enough to understand, but the last two chapters were complicated.