A Melody of Truth

CHRISTIE, Evelyn: A Melody of Truth. Burlington Books. Burlington Readers. 841-B1

I liked this book because I identify myself with Diana, with her doubts about the studies, and also doubts about Roger, about love.

I loved reading this book because, as I said before, I feel very identified with the protagonist of the story.

This time I chose the book well. I found it easy to read, very enjoyable and entertaining. This type of story is ideal for a teenager who has doubts about studies like me.

Now, I’ll speak of story. I think that Diana has a little personality because she decides to do what their parents want her to do. I was surprised by the attitude of Diana's father when she decides to quit medicine and study music. He was a bad father when he was angry with her for deciding to study something that she liked.

To conclude, I like this book and while I was reading it, I disconnected from the routine.

Míriam Artime, 1st A BTX