A Foreigner in Britain

Ramón Ybarra and Fiona Smith: A Foreigner in Britain. Burlington Books, 841 YBA.

I liked the book because it's really interesting. It talks about the British culture and history.

I’ve really liked this book; it's very interesting because it explains things about the British culture.
At the beginning of the book, I thought that this reading would be boring because it talks about British history, and sometimes, history, in general, doesn't entertain me. But I could see I was wrong.

I’ve learnt many traditional things from Britain. Among other traditions, now I know exactly how Vikings lived in their century and how Christmas dinner is.

Finally, I recommend A foreigner in Britain to people who are really interested in history, and specifically to people who want to know about the people in Britain, their traditions, their legends, celebrations and costumes.

It's easy to read, it hasn't got a difficult vocabulary.

Now I want to visit Britain and see all the things that this book explains about this country.

Lucia Campagna de León, 1st